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Simonscans.com Review from Monica

On the warning page of Simonscans.com, you’ll get a taste of what’s to come as several images scroll across your screen. The girls look fresh and beautiful and the photography is great! Entering the site as a guest, the introduction went on to explain that Simonscans.com is a bit different than other porn sites in that you’re not being offered the usual “cum soaked sluts”, you’re getting high quality photography bringing you “great looking girls being about as rude as a girl can get on her own”.

Moving through the tour, Simon explains that his photo sets contain well over one hundred images per set. He says that his girls have fun getting rude and that many of the image sets get really raunchy. You can navigate the site by choosing how many thumbnails you want to view on each page, with the ability to skip over any images you don’t want, and you can download entire image sets as zip files. What really popped out at me on the tour was this sentence “we are able to add 2 new sets to the site 5 times a week, without exception.” Now that’s an amazing amount of updates.

Continuing on, you’ll read about the movies found on the inside featuring nothing but pure sexy action and how as a member of the site, your comments questions and feedback are always taken care of in a timely manner. After this, you have an option to peek at the site if you’d like, and here you will be taken to a view of the member’s area.

On choosing to join the site, you will be presented with three different non-recurring membership packages, with one month priced at $24.95, two at $45.95, and six at $89.90. There is also a re-billing option where the price drops after three months to $19.95 and then $14.95 after six months. I really like that there are non-recurring options offered.

Entering the member’s section, I am greeted with a page that allows easy navigation to all pages of the site with a simple nav-bar along the top with drop down menus. This first page features links to the latest updates, with links to past updates if you’d like to see them. I want to get right into the photos first, so I chose to view the models directory. There were twelve pages, with twenty listings each, full of models! I viewed most of the list and all of the girls here are pretty amateurs. I saw that there was a pretty brunette named Monica, so of course I chose her!

When you pick a model, you are taken to a page with a short description of the girl, along with her measurements and a list of all her available photo sets. I chose to view a fabulous photo sets featuring 220 images of Monica having fun outdoors. Her thumbs page gave me the option of viewing the page with a total of 16, 32, 64 or 96 thumbs per page. The navigation links found above the photos made it really easy to jump to another of Monica’s sets, to download the current set as a zip file, to return to the model page, or to add my vote to Monica’s rating.

Clicking on a thumbnail opened a new window featuring the full size image. Here there was the nifty option of choosing to view the page in a different size, either 1260, 1024, or 800, customizing the page for your screen’s resolution. From here, you can easily move on to the next image or move back to the previous image. I really liked that I could size the image to suit my viewing needs, and the photos here are very high quality.

Another option when you are viewing images is the “Pin-up this image” link. This allows you to add an image to the pinboard with comments if you like. The pinboard is seen free by guests to the site, and also to members.

Moving on to the movie section, there are eight pages of movies, with eight movies on each page. I chose a movie featuring a beautiful brunette named Matilda. The next page shows me several stills from the movie, and offered my choice of .wmv or .mpg format for the available clips. The movie clips were high quality, with both image and sound, and Matilda was great! She loved being in front of the camera and got really horny with a big blue dildo.

In the navigation menu, there is also a link to a page that lists all of the models from A-Z on one page, each with a tiny thumbnail. You can also search the model database by categories like type of breasts, clothing, country, hair color, fur factor, location, fetish, etc. You can also view a page featuring the Top 75 models of all time, presenting thumbnails for models that have been rated the highest by members of Simonscans.com.

I am overwhelmed by the incredible quality and amount of content to be found at Simonscans.com. This site is a dream come true. The girls are extremely beautiful next-door amateurs and the photography is top notch. Navigation and viewing capabilities are fabulous and the number and quality of updates is stunning. I think this site is simply perfect in every way! Good job Simon!

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