20 Apr

Only Looking Review from Monica

The main page of Only Looking is packed with thumbs that feature lots of very pretty women in various states of undress, some of them sleeping or reading, and most of them apparently unaware of the camera. Reading the website’s FAQ, you’ll discover that Only Looking brings you posed voyeur videos. The website explains that “The aim is to recreate high quality perfect and varied voyeur scenes. Most of the videos are filmed in the model’s homes, occassionally in studios, and outdoor scenes. I’ve have recently started to hire clothes stores to film some of the models in.”

Clicking on a thumb on the main page will take you to a page with larger sample images that tells you how many videos you’ll find in the member’s section featuring that model. Most models appear to have anywhere from twenty to forty videos, with one girl having eighty-eight! Clearly there is a LOT of content to be had in the member’s section.

Before moving on to the member’s area, I clicked on the “Free Videos” link and found eight sample videos, with a new free video sample being uploaded every Thursday. Video samples are offered as .wmv files that play in your Windows Media Player. The samples are short, but give you a taste of the high quality and very sexy videos to be found inside.

To become a member of the Only Looking, you can make a payment through a third party billing company (CCBill.com) with your credit card or an online check. There are several membership options. You can pay $29.95 for a 30-day membership that re-bills at only $9.95 every 30 days after that. You can pay $59.95 for a 180 day membership that does not re-bill. Or, you can pay $99.95 for a 360 day membership, and this also does not re-bill. Those are some pretty cool options.

Inside the member’s area, you’ll first see the updates webpage with links to the latest videos. The page states that the site is updated every Thursday. At the top of the page is a link to the Videos, where you can make your pick from a listing of over forty five models, all with thumbnailed images. I decided to pick Dawn first, a very beautiful and busty brunette. The videos are all in .wmv format, and are thirty seconds to a minute each. Because these voyeur videos are set up, the quality is extremely good and the models are gorgeous. Dawn has the most beautiful tits and ass… I just want to reach out and squeeze them!

The videos feature women doing all kinds of sexy things that women do… bathing, sleeping, dressing and undressing, doing their hair, reading books, bending over, masturbating, cleaning the house, etc. You get to take a naughty peek at all of these things, and all of the videos can be downloaded and saved for viewing any time the mood strikes!

In the video section, there is a set of links along the top where you will also find bonus videos, videos of sleeping models, VideoButts samples, a preview of an Upskirt/Panty site, and a preview of Dawn’s DVD. Then there are links to free samples from CDs that are available for purchase with previews from the Butt CD, Upskirt CD, Dawn’s CD, and Nikki’s CD.

Overall I really enjoyed the site. There are so many models to choose from, and all of them have lots of video clips to view. I found a lot of the girls to be extraordinarily attractive and it was very sexy to watch them dressing, undressing, and doing all kinds of really hot things, and all without them really knowing I was there taking a peek!

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