21 Jul

Revenge TV Review from Monica

When it comes to reality sites, I think I’ve seen just about everything, from a man picking up trannies by fishing with a wiener on his hook to men riding around in busses and picking up men for their first homosexual experiences. But then a site like Revenge TV comes along and surprises me! I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

At Revenge TV you’ll find videos and photos submitted by guys of their ex girlfriends, as revenge. What did these girls think was going to happen when they let guys have their nude photos anyway??

Inside the members area you’ll be greeted with links to the Revenge TV videos, ex-girlfriend photos, bonus video content, sponsor pics & vids, and video chat.

In the Revenge TV videos section, you’re going to find content that you can’t get anywhere else on the web. If you want a taste of what type of content this really is, check out this quote:

” One day Mike decides to leave the webcam on by setting it to record when it senses sound or motion (most webcam application have this feature) because he was hoping to catch his girlfriend playing with herself or talking on the phone with her friends or something.”

You can bet Mike didn’t see his girlfriend playing with herself! HAHAHAHA! There are videos from a guy catching his wife on cam with the housekeeper, a girl getting caught by her boyfriend while she gives a webcam show to a guy over the internet, and lots of videos sent in by a dude named Larry who seems to get all the action with lots of hot chicks. All of the videos here are available in parts for download, or you can choose to view them streamed right into your browser. The streaming section is also broken into parts for quicker download.

In the photos section you’ll find amateur and ex-girlfriend photo shoots with an explanation that they are Larry’s lifetime collection! There were twenty-one sets at the time of this review, and each one had five hundred to one thousand images each. Now those are HUGE photo sets! Lots of super hot ex girlfriends in there!

There is an incredible amount of bonus content here, with lots of free videos and photos provided by sponsors, and of course there’s live video chat from companies like Flirt4Free. I kind of got distracted for a bit there watching a few hot models. *blush*

I think my only complaint about Revenge TV is I want to see even more revenge videos, more cheating girlfriends getting caught on tape! But they’ve got a great collection started and it’s only growing. This site is well worth the visit! If you want to take a peek, you can always opt for the trial membership, but it will only give you access to some of the content. This is my new favorite reality site, hands down! The videos made me giggle, AND they made me horny!

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