08 Aug

Twilight Women Review from Monica

written by: wldfire

Today on Monica’s I will be reviewing the lesbian erotica website Twilight Women. This website specializes in erotic lesbian movies and contains women you will not find elsewhere in the adult industry and the sexual adventures of these women as they explore each other’s sexuality. A quote from their site:

This is a world of guilty pleasure, of lust and shame, temptation and desire, submissive women who need control.

This website is very basic in design with links to the different themed areas like lesbian seduction, house of shame, selected scenes and fifties beat movie. These areas contain over 140 different video clips available here in MPG format equaling over 15 hours worth of videos. The videos are between 30 minutes to an hour and half in length, with each being broken down into numerous clips. These movies are all beautifully done and show real emotion with these women as they explore their sexuality with each other. The videos all have a great sound and video quality and are very enjoyable to watch.

In conclusion, this websites content was very good, and the original themes and way they filmed things was nice, but I feel they are lacking for content for their members for the price. Give them some time and with their weekly updates they will increase that amount.

On the Wldfire scale of 1 to 5, I rate this site a 3.7 for its uniqueness and very original content.

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