03 Jan

Bars and Stripes Review from Monica

My friend tink over at Bitch Reviews alerted me to this website as she knew of my insatiable hunger for discipline and all manner of spanking related kink. At Bars and Stripes I got to fulfill my fantasies of watching pretty girls getting locked up in jail and punished for any and every little thing done wrong with spankings!

The Sparkle: Tour

The tour here explains that the site is updated five times per week and that inside you’ll find photos and videos from “the only prison where bad girls pay the price for their crimes”.

The Decor: Layout

The site is designed well and navigation is easy. You can choose to surf by choosing the inmate of your choice, or you can choose the part of the prison you wish to visit and check out the content that was produced there.

Menu options are Latest News, Inmates, Matron, Updates, Prison Diaries, and Suggestion Box. Then, prison areas you can visit are Cell Block, Sick Bay, Prison Grounds and PT Room.

The Gold: Content

There is an awesome collection of all original and 100% exclusive content here. All of your spanking and girls-in-prison fantasies will be taken care of such as seeing girls caught snooping around, getting caught with things they shouldn’t have in their cells, drug searches, and cat fights!

There are photo sets, video clips, and video stills. The photo sets are fabulous and the images are good quality and large. The videos are offered as streaming .WMV files or as ZIP files for download.

Every and any excuse for a spanking is not overlooked and these girls get theirs again and again! It’s delightful! What makes it even better are the English accents.

The Bling: Extras

There really aren’t any extras here. You are getting a high quality fetish site that never strays from it’s theme, and it’s fan-fucking-tastic!

The Price: $$$

$29.95 per month recurring
$74.95 every three months recurring
$124.95 every six months recurring

The Rating: 10/10

I don’t give out a lot of tens, but I really dig this site. I am really turned on by this whole fantasy and thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the prison!

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