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Leash Sex Review from Monica

The Sparkle: Tour

“Keep Your Girls on Leash at All Times” says the sign! That sounds exciting to me. They also state that there is no “boring vanilla sex”. From the tour at Leash Sex, I would guess that you are probably going to find lots of hardcore with fucking and blowjobs, all with women that are on leash.

The Decor: Layout

On entering the site, you are greeted with links to all of the sites on the network as your membership gives you access to ten other sites. Scrolling, you’ll find coming soon and updates for all of the sites in the network. If you want to see the content for Leash Sex, you need to click on the link at the top of the page. It will take you to a page that looks the same with the links to the bonus sites at the top, but if you scroll down you’ll find the content.

The Gold: Content

There are very large sample images here linking to the content, both photos and videos. There were twenty movies at the time of this review, and they are offered in parts, or you can choose to download the full length movie as one file. The full length movie sometimes comes in different sizes, and is offered in both WMV and MPG formats.

Clicking on a link to the first part of a movie, the site attempted to stream it right into my media player. Unfortunately, it said the server was busy so it didn’t play. I tried to stream another clip and was annoyed to find I would have to enter my login, again. The first clip had also asked me.

I decided to do a right-click save-link-as, and downloaded the clip instead, which only took about three minutes. This is a decent download speed, and I could easily set things up to download various clips while I go to look at photos. The clip was great quality, but played at about 320 pixels wide. There was a real fox with red streaks in her hair playing with her pussy and then sucking a guy’s cock. She pulled on her leash a lot and later hooked it on the heel of her shoe while she rubbed her pussy fiercely. When the guy stepped in, he took hold of the leash and pulled at it while she tended his dick.

The photos here were really large, with 1024 pixels on the long side. They look a bit amateur in that the surroundings are obviously sets and the images are a tad blurry at times, but the lighting is fabulous and the girls look GREAT. They have really hot bodies, they were awesome lingerie, their makeup is awesome, and the sex is HOT.

The Bling: Extras

You get access to ten other websites with your membership here, including sites like: Almond Tease, Sperm Blasters, Stocking Stars, Secretary Hoes, and more.

The Price: $$$

$2.95 – 3 day limited trial
$24.95 – 30 day membership
$59.95 – 90 day membership

The Rating: 7/10

I’m not sure I’d say the sex here wasn’t vanilla. The only real difference is that all of the models are on-leash. But if you have a thing for leashes on women, this site has a great collection for you. While not the hugest collection, I took into consideration that you get access to ten bonus sites, also packed with hardcore content.

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