21 Nov

Matures and Dicks Review from Monica


Written by: Gillian

The Sparkle: Tour

“They come as usual to an empty house thinking that the night gonna be another bore… but nothing of the kind!” Matures and Dicks wants you to see these “sheepish hoes” who come home to find that robbers are already there – which somehow transforms them into “lustful hoes.”

I’m not sure how seriously I’m supposed to take this “plot,” but what the heck. There are a lot of pics and a few trailer videos on this tour, featuring mature ladies being fucked in various ways by a variety of men (the robbers, one would have to assume). The quality of the pictures on the tour are good, which bodes well. I’m looking forward to seeing how far they take this theme –
admittedly, it has potential.

The Decor: Layout

Graffiti, brick walls and black men on the prowl – oh my! At the top is the navigation menu, featuring Home, Pictures, Videos, Other Models, Support, News, Behind Scenes, and Contact. This is followed by a welcome message, links to Recent Galleries, and links to Recent Videos. Along the left is the Recent News column, which lists recent updates.

The Gold: Content

Tricky, tricky, tricky! While on the tour, you may have noticed the distinct lack of a “Members” button – a place to log in when you come back the next evening looking for more entertainment. Be sure to use http://www.maturesandicks.com/members/ when adding the site to your
favorites list!

On the Pictures page, there are thumbnail links to 10 different galleries, as of this writing. Most galleries contain 140+ pics, featuring both full scene shots and close-ups of the action. The entire gallery can be downloaded as a zip file, and the individual shots can be viewed on site in
two sizes – medium and full. As medium pics, the horizontals were 1049 x 699 pixels, and as large they were 1200 x 800 pixels. The vertical pics were 466 x 699 or 600 x 900. Either way, the quality is excellent.

On the Videos page, there are 8 videos, as of this writing. The videos are broken into segments and formatted for WMV. Downloading a 44 MB, 3 minute long segment took less than 2 minutes using a cable modem. You are able to browse the site while downloading. The video played at 720 x 406 and was very good quality – completely watchable, and it definitely kept my attention. A different download was 640 x 480, though also of good quality.

As I suspected from the writing, this is not a site made by native English speakers – the models in the videos are not speaking English, which may or may not bother you, depending on how invested you are in the plot. And from what I saw, they do stick to the plot pretty well. The editing can be disjointed and a bit cheesy, however.

The Bling: Extras

With membership at Matures and Dicks, you also get membership at Matures Action, which bills itself as a role playing site for mature model’s desires. It looks shares some of it’s material with Matures and Dicks.

On the Other Models page of the site, there are 10 more videos available for download, featuring mature ladies in a variety of situations, including a lesbian scene.

The Price: $$$

$9.95 for 3 days (trial), then $29.95 recurring every 30 days
$29.95 for 30 days, recurring at $29.95 every 30 days

The Rating: 7/10

Not a ton of content, but the site is pretty new, and caters to a pretty specific niche. They lose a point for hiding the entry door.

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