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VideoBox Review from Monica


written by: monica

VideoBox is my all time favorite porn site. When I recommend a porn site to my friends, this is the site. You’ll see me advertising it all over my website, and in this review, I’ll tell you why.

VideoBox offers over 3000 DVDs, unlimited downloads, and has some of the best features I’ve ever seen.

My favorite feature at VideoBox is the ability to choose where you want a movie to start and stop. Simply select the thumbnail where you want the movie to start and select the thumbnail of the scene where you want the movie to end. To do so, they’ve got this really neat drag n’ drop feature! Take the tour and try it out, it’s very cool.

On the tour you can view a list of all the available DVDs that you will find inside the member’s area and peruse them page by page, or by category. If you want to quickly move through the list you can just view the cover images with their titles and which niches the movie fits into. Or, you can click on the image to see the cast, studio, date added, rating and a description of the action. There is a literal plethora of DVDs here, and you can check them all out on the tour so you know what you’re getting before you join.

Besides allowing you to choose when your video starts and ends, there are a lot of neat features here.

Choose a video you’d like to watch and you are presented with a batch of thumbnail samples for each scene. If you mouseover any one of these, you are given the option to watch a quick preview, and without opening any popups or taking you anywhere, the browser loads up a little flash preview right there in the sample box. It’s fantastic! When you mouseover, you can also choose to start watching the movie right away from that scene, or you can choose to make a custom clip (this is where you can choose where you want the video to start or stop).

If you choose the Play Now option, the video will load in a flash player right in your browser at a large size (looks like 640 pixels across at least). At the bottom of the player is a handy bar of tiny thumbnails and you can choose to skip around in the video to any spot you desire. The cool thing about the flash player is that there are virtually no download times. The video is just suddenly THERE.

You can also choose to download the entire scene with four different quality options: DVD, High, Med, and Low. You can click to stream these, or right-click with your mouse and save them to your computer.

If you choose to make a custom clip from a scene, you will be shown a whole bunch of thumbnails and you just drag and drop the thumb for where you want to start the clip and the thumb for where you want to end the movie. It will even tell you how long your clip is going to be. There is a download now button and you can still choose from four quality options (DVD, High, Med, and Low). Just like above, you can choose to stream or download to your computer.

I’m on a broadband connection and my computer estimates that it would take me about twenty minutes to download a DVD quality clip that is eight minutes long. That same clip would take about thirteen minutes in high quality, three minutes in medium quality, and two minutes in low quality.

The low quality clip plays at about 175 pixels in width and is quite compressed. I think only the people on dial-up would want these clips. The medium quality clip played at 320 pixels across and was good quality. I didn’t see many compression artifacts this time. This is a good option for people that want a faster download or have a slower connection.

The high quality clip plays at 480 pixels across, so it’s still not HUGE, but this is a good viewing size. This is probably the size I would prefer watching at, especially if I set up a bunch of downloads to run while I watched a movie on the flash player.

The DVD quality files are only available depending on which membership option you choose when you sign up (The 9.95 option doesn’t include these files).

Each scene can be added to your favorites. In your favorites you can create Lists that you can add your favs to. To view your favorite lists, just click on My VideoBox at the top of the site. In the My VideoBox section you’ll also find your preferences and your viewing history.

You can also add a review to any video and write whatever comments you want. This is an awesome feature because you can read other people’s comments on any video clip before you watch it. I found there were a lot of comments on the site, which made the site a lot more useful.

For finding movies you want, there is a toolbar at the top called Browse. Here you can choose to view Categories, New DVDs, Top Scenes This Week, Stars, Studios and Series. Every DVD, scene, star, studio and series is given a possible five star rating that is based on member’s votes. Just roll your mouse over the stars and click on how many stars you’d like to give them.

In the main menu along the top next to Browse, you’ll find Recommendations. Here, VideoBox will give you personal recommendations of what else you might like on the site. They do so by using your personal ratings and the history of what clips you’ve watched on the site.

This site really gives you everything, with a gigantic movie archive that is updated FIVE times per day. There are lots of different ways you can choose to watch these movie clips, and the flash player is a great addition to the site. The feature that allows you to customize when you want your movie scene to start and end is my favorite still. I must say that this site is perfect. I highly recommend it.

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