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Wasteland Review from Monica


Written by: monica

The Sparkle: Tour

If you haven’t heard of Wasteland, you must be brand new to the BDSM scene or you’ve been hiding under a rock for most of your life. This is the web’s oldest and largest BDSM and fetish site, and I’m not just blowing smoke. Wasteland has been around for as long as I can remember, and they are probably the first site that really sticks out in my mind when I think of top notch BDSM porn.

The Decor: Layout

The layout has the same look and feel as the tour, but the main members page has a lot of text links under the categories What’s New, Movies & Games, Images, Personal Ads, Fiction, Chatrooms, BDSM 101, Wasteland’s Giveaway, Scene Profiles, Word, Resources, Contests, Shopping & Paid Services, Wasteland!, and Customer Service.

There are easy button links along the top nav bar as well for Weekly Updates, Daily Updates & Events, Kiko & Skye’s Corner, and Fetish Cards.

The Gold: Content

Under Images, you’ll see that there are exclusive images, non-exclusive images, party pics, weekly fetish models, Japanese bondage and Asian Underground Images. The Wasteland exclusive content is an archive that spans over the last twelve years. Of course they’ve just selected the best of, and I found nine pages of galleries here.

In the Dark Garden you’ll find the “motherload” of BDSM and fetish images, with categories FemDom, MaleDom, Dom’s POV, Artistic, B&W, Member Contributions, Japanese Bondage, Extreme BDSM, Personalities, Fetish Photographers, Vintage Erotica (soon to come), and Hardcore Vanilla. When you select a section here, a new window will open filled with text links to galleries of images. Naturally the pics are thumbnailed and full size images are 1000 pixels on the long side.

Sensuous Sadie has her own section here under Images, and you’ll find a gallery of the month, podcasts, and musings. The Weekly Fetish Models, Asian Underground Images, and House of Japanese Bondage all were pages full of text links that led to galleries. These are all stuffed with images!

The Movies section also has several categories. There are Wasteland Original Movies, Wasteland Movie Theatre, Ipod/IPhone Movies, Streaming Feature Films, Japanese Shibari Movies, Streaming Video Vault, Wasteland’s Hentai World, and Wasteland’s Gaming Arcade.

In Original Movies you will find the Wasteland Archive of their best work dating back as far as 1997. The Wasteland Movie Theatre has full length films from various studios. In Streaming Feature Films you will find four new feature-length films per week for free. The rest are pretty self explanatory I think.

There are eleven pages of content in the Original Movies archive. The viewing options here are rather variable, probably because the content spans so many years of the site’s existance. Some of them are available in both broadband and dialup, some are WMV while some are Quicktime, some are broken into parts, and most of them are accompanied by photo galleries.

It appears that all the movie clips found in the Wasteland Movie Theatre are WMV format. The streaming feature films were also in WMV format. In the Streaming Video Vault though I found a lot of formats, with IPod clips, Real Player, WMV, MPG and Java.

Despite totally blabbing at you about the content, I’m barely scratching the surface here in the Image and Video sections, much less the entire site which has a lot more to it. There is also Bondage Live Chat, articles in BDSM 101, Contests, Scene Profiles, lots and lots of Fiction, Interviews, Film Reviews, and more.

The Bling: Extras

I think I just mentioned it above… there is all kinds of fiction, columns, articles, information and resources. This is an all-in-one community site.

The Price: $$$

4.95 USD for 5 Days of Un-limited trial access
34.95 USD for monthly access

The Rating: 10/10

I’ve always felt that Wasteland was hands down the king/queen of the BDSM world. They have been around since the beginning of time as far as the internet is concerned and their content is real lifestyle BDSM. This site is perfect for people just getting into the scene, but is also a fantastic site for hardcore enthusiasts. This is more than just a porn site, but the porn here is the best.

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