16 Jun

18 Close Up Review from Monica

Written by: Gillian

The Sparkle: Tour

Intimate shots of intimate parts – that’s what you’ll find at 18 Close Up. They are “dedicated to the anatomy of beautiful teens” – and you can bet they aren’t talking about their kneecaps. They are 100% masturbation videos, and they promise real HD – 1920 x 1080 resolution. The pics on the tour are amazing, fantastic, beyond compare. It’s like the sexiest anatomy lesson ever. I can’t wait to see them in action!

The Decor: Layout

Inside the site you’ll find a navigation menu offering Home, Models, Updates, and Bonus. Immediately below this is a large pic leading you to a New Model and her layout. Scrolling down there is a mesmerizing welcome sign, followed by a text-only list of updates going back to 2007. Continuing down the page, there are large size layouts of the most recent updates, and finally a longer menu offering Main, Upgrade, Home, Models, Updates, and FAQ/Contact.

The Gold: Content

There are now 2 video updates promised every week at 18 Close Up – it used to be a bit less frequent. So far there are over 50 videos on the site plus about 25 bonus videos, which pop up from time to time. In addition, there are pages and pages of older updates in the archives.

My but these girls are gorgeous. It’s hard to know where to start! Each update offers videos in three sizes: HD 1920 x 1080, HDV 1280 x 720, and STD 640 x 360. In addition, there are screenshots available in zipped downloads, in both the HD and HDV sizes. You can click on the sample screenshots in the layout and they will expand up to 1280 x 720 pixels – enough to fill the screen with holy cow closeups. But to see the full set you’ll need to use the zip download.

Do you have 3 minutes to spare? Because it’ll take even less than that to download an HD video using a wireless cable modem. Awesome, right? Wait til you see the video you just downloaded. I don’t have words. Natural sound, professional lighting, closeups like you’ve never seen – bigger than real life! Amazing, just amazing.

The Bling: Extras

The Bonus page has thumbnails of six different models, which link to their bonus clips. These are the same clips that are listed in the master updates list mentioned in the menu.

The Price: $$$

They feature a unique set of choices here – these memberships are for 30 days, recurring:
$29.90 for HD, HDV, and STD (standard) resolution access
$23.90 for HDV and STD resolution access only
$17.20 for STD resolution access only

For 120 days, non-recurring:
$79.80 for HD, HDV, and STD resolution access

The Rating: 10/10

If you like girls, and girls masturbating, you will love this site. HD that goes way way way above and beyond every other site out there.

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