04 Aug

NIP-Activity Review from Monica

Written by: Gillian

The Sparkle: Tour

You know how sometimes you’re just walking down the street, and a beautiful nude girl walks by? No? Would you like to? At NIP-Activity, you can see lovely European ladies walking around shopping centres, train stations, flea markets, cafes, all in the middle of the day – completely naked! They’ve got 100% exclusive, unique, reality amateur public nudity, presented in high quality pics and videos. I’m ready for some NIP – are you?

The Decor: Layout

The site opens on the Main Page with a welcome and intro message that gives you the News and a poll. Along the left side of the page is a scrolling menu offering Main Page, Our Girls, Updates, Preview, Votings, Model Ranking, Support, Board, Chat, DVD Shop, and Contact.

The Gold: Content

NIP-Activity is updated three times a week, and brand new girls are added each and every month. On the Updates page, all the updates from the last 2 months are listed chronologically. But if you want access to all the content, go to the Our Girls page. On this page you’ll find medium thumbnail shots of all the models that have been featured on the site – over 12 so far. Clicking on a hot thumb will take you to a complete layout page for all the pics and videos that girl has starred in.

The Pictures on NIP-Activity are super hi res – starting at 1280 x 960 on up to 200 x 1333, you won’t miss a detail when viewing these photosets. The sets features easy to download zip files and are a definite must see.

Now we’ve got to talk about these movies. You can download each video in QuickTime 320 x 240, 480 x 360, 640 x 480, and WMP 640 x 480. Some also include a WMP 320 x 240 option, and others offer DivX 640 x 480. They may have included all of the video they captured, but in many sections it is broken into minute long clips. Using a cable modem, the clips take about 10 to 20 seconds each to download, in either the largest Quicktime or Windows format. The larger clips are also fast – using a cable modem, I downloaded a 3 minute WMP 640 x 480 video in less than 90 seconds. It’s a little annoying having to download so many clips, but the super quick download time more than makes up for it. Not to mention the fun and amazing video!

The Bling: Extras

And if that weren’t exciting enough, you get to play director at the next NIP shoot! Go to the Votings page, and there a series of poll questions that you can vote on to help determine what type of girl the next movie will feature, where she’ll go, what she’ll do, what sort of shots they’ll take, and more.

The Price: $$$

$24.95 for 1 month, recurring
$39.95 for 2 months, non-recurring
$69.95 for 6 months, non-recurring, includes free DVD
$99.95 for 12 months, non-recurring, includes free DVD

The Rating: 10/10

Hot exhibitionists and a website that aims to please!

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