11 Jul

Just Nude Review from Monica

Written by: Gillian

The Sparkle: Tour

When you don’t want porn, and you don’t want art, but you still want to see something beautiful and titillating, you want Just Nude. At this site they present nude, natural, amateur girls from Russia and the Ukraine, in gorgeous natural settings. On the tour there are sample pictures, a full size Lady of the Day, and pics of all the models. They promise 100% exclusive photos, frequent updates, and hi res photos.

The Decor: Layout

Log in to Just Nude and at the top of the page you’ll find a menu offering Home, Galleries, Video, Models, Photographers, Best Galleries, Archive, and Comments. Below this is a welcome message that details the contents of each page. Scrolling down there are thumbnail links to The Most Popular Galleries for the Last Ten Days, the Top 10 Galleries, and the Top 10 Models.

The Gold: Content

Just Nude features amazing photography and beautiful, fresh faced girls. These are the girls dreams are made of, the girls that run through fields of lilies – nude – so that you can watch them slowly wash off the sheen of sweat and pollen in an outdoor bubble bath. Then they touch themselves and each other a little bit (in the dappled sunshine) and giggle and all sorts of naked frolicking happens. It’s all very happy and light, and sexy in a healthy youth kind of way.

They add a new update to Just Nude three times a week, and have been doing so since 2005! That’s way too many photosets for lil ole me to count – especially when all the photos are just begging for my attention. Each update includes a teaser shot that looks like a magazine cover, and promises the same high quality inside. Each gallery is available in three sizes: Preview (800 px), Screen (1600 px), and Printable (3000+ px). Zip downloads are available in all those sizes as well, though there are no slideshow interfaces. The pictures are just as gorgeous as promised, if not better – sexy and sensual, they showcase the girls and the setting to their best advantage. I know the tour says they’re not art, but I think some would beg to differ.

There are also 20 great videos available on Just Nude. Each video offers downloads in three formats: WMV, 1280 x 720; AVI DivX, 720 x 406; and iPod, 320 x 180. Using a cable modem, I downloaded the WMV version of a 14+ minute video in 1 hour and 3 minutes. (My computer might be having the issues.) It played as big and beautiful as promised, and it was great to see one of the girls in motion. Nonetheless, the photos are the star attraction at Just Nude!

The Bling: Extras


The Price: $$$

$9.95 for 3 day limited trial, then $19.95 unlimited membership recurring every 30 days
$29.95 for 30 days, then $19.99 recurring every 30 days
$59.95 for 90 days, then $39.95 recurring every 90 days
$79.95 for 180 days, non-recurring

The Rating: 9/10

Just Nude presents hundreds of beautiful girls in the nude – not porn, not “art” – just some of the most gorgeous and sensuous stuff out there!

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