15 Oct

Candid Pornstar Review from Monica

Written by: Gillian

The Sparkle: Tour

Uncensored, behind the scenes, and very real – that’s Candid Pornstar. They’ve captured everything that happens before and after your favorite hardcore films are made. Find out what porn stars do to get ready, what they chat about, and how they really feel – it’s voyeur video that includes all the private details. The tour has pics and trailer videos to give you just a little taste. Ever wondered what these girls go through to get ready? Think you’re ready to find out?

The Decor: Layout

Log in to Candid Pornstar, and at the top of the page you’ll find a menu offering Home, Videos, Showcase, Stories, and Contact Us. Below this are three dropdown menus: Select Scene, Select Showcase, and Select Website. Moving on down there are four sections, labeled Candid News, Newest Candid, Candid Links, and Newest Showcase. The rest of the page is filled with teasers for the upcoming network updates.

The Gold: Content

Candid Pornstar features all exclusive content with real behind the scenes videos, backstage stories, and big name stars. All video is shot in the voyeur POV, no DRM is used, and there are no download limits. There are about 40 updates online currently, but that number is rising fast, with new updates added every week!

Click on the Videos page at Candid Pornstar and you’ll land on a page filled with thumbnails of gorgeous models. Click on Video or Gallery beneath the girl of your choice, and you are on your way to viewing some amazing content. The Galleries are a good size, with expandable thumbs displayed on an index page. Each photo blows up to 720 x 480 px, and you can zoom in and move around the photo as well. There is a slideshow interface, and you can download both individual shots and the entire set, for which a zip download is offered.

Click on Video instead, and Candid Pornstar brings up a page full of viewing options. There’s a large embedded player, followed by links to start streaming in Low, High, Hi Def, and iPhone. There’s also a quick summary at the bottom of the page, which includes a Download text link. Right click and save as here, and you’ll have a WMV file downloading to your computer. Using a cable modem, I downloaded one 15+ minute video in 3 minutes. This movie played at 720 x 480 and was really interesting!

The Bling: Extras

Candid Pornstars rewards it’s members with full free access to a fantastic network of sites, which guarantees you five weekly updates. Included sites are Crygasm, Asian Emotion, Hall of Fame Porn, and Latina Emotion. In addition, you get free Showcases – full scenes pulled from about one hundred different sites!

The Price: $$$

$9.00 for 2 days trial, then $29.00 recurring monthly
$29.00 for 1 month, recurring
$57.00 for 3 months, recurring
$99.00 for 6 months, non-recurring

The Rating: 9/10

Candid Pornstar lets you get to know your favorite porn stars as people, in true voyeur fashion. It’s a fascinating look behind the scenes, and the bonus sites fill in the hardcore blanks!

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