14 May

Gagaholics Review from Monica

Written by: Gillian
Don‘t worry, no one is going to try to start a group to stop these ladies! Gagaholics are a prized find, and these sexy sirens don‘t mind being found and filled one bit. This all exclusive site features girls who take it as deep throat as they can and then go the extra inch to satisfy every dick in sight. There are tons of extras here too, so although the site is not longer being updated, you‘ll never lack for nocturnal inspiration!< P>
NICHE: Blowjobs, Gagging
gagaholicsCLICK HERE TO VISIT Gagaholics NOW! REVIEWER RATINGS: (Dry, Moist, Wet, Orgasmic!)
Amount of Content: Dry
Quality of Content: Dry
Price: Wet
Update Frequency: Dry
Exclusivity: Orgasmic
Personality: Wet
Personal Rating: Moist
Number of Photos: 0
Number of Videos: 19
Photo Sizes: 0
Video Formats: Flash, WMV, MPG

Watermarks: No
Download Limits: No
Exclusive Content: All

– 1.00 for 1 day, then 39.97 recurring monthly
– 29.97 for 30 days, recurring
– 59.97 for 90 days, recurring
Bonus Content: Membership includes 88 premium networked sites and a DVD library!
PROS:– No one’s anonymous here!
These girls are proud of their cock sucking skillz and are here to show them off! Gagaholics love nothing better than taking a dick in the mouth balls deep – more if they can get it! Sucking and blowing is their specialty, and they work hard for their facials. Delicious, indeed! Even better, you get to choose from a variety of video lengths, formats, and sizes. Some movies are less than 10 minutes long, but other’s go on for over 45 minutes, and all are available in both full length and segments, streaming and downloading. Using a cable modem, I downloaded an 8+ minute movie in 7 minutes.

– And speaking of going the extra mile…
You get a ton of extras at Gagaholics – they just can’t stop giving it their all! And when you go to the network dropdown menu you’ll find they’ve served up over 80 exclusive networked sites, all of which are browse-able and searchable from the main Home page. They’ve got dozens of niches on offer, including Anal, Bukkake, BBW, Spanking, Pregnant, Handjob, Monster, Cum Swallow, and many many more!


– Oh, but did I mention the size yet?
Because that part isn’t that impressive. Which the dicks are big and the throats all too limited, both the vide sizes and the site itself leave a bit to be desired. That video that I downloaded in only 7 minutes was no doubt aided in it’s speedy transfer by being only 352 x 264 px. The quality was high – clear and sharp with lots of intense close-ups, but that only goes so far. And then the site itself has no pics, just video caps, and there are only 19 videos total. And you’ll be the only one coming, as the site hasn’t been updated in years!



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