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For all the newest information on chicks in the adult industry, as well as to get news directly from your favourite pornstars themselves, check out these porn blog reviews. They'll guide you towards the best online sex journals so that you don't risk visiting the same ones over and over, needlessly waiting for updates and new posts that will never come. Some adult website periodicals take the interaction a step further by letting you post comments on their blog updates. Others link to additional weblogs related to the porn industry, so that you can get the opinions of other pros. The most credible sex blogs always source where they get their information from, while the more playful pornstars often post pics and homemade vids of what they're up to on their days off and while on the set of one of their hardcore porn scenes. Some are sexy nude photos.

02 Jun

Xxaru’s Porn Quest

Xxaru’s Porn Quest is “The Story of the Ultimate Fuck Quest” – told in blog format! It’s Xxaru’s journey into the porn world, and what he goes through in his quest to become a porn star – and indeed, not just a star, but a producer and director. Xxaru is a hot black man with an easy to read style and it looks like he’s off to a great start on his career! It’s a real behind the scenes story, and I can’t wait to read more!

27 Oct


The Gallery section here contains a small but growing list of models that have chosen to become Porn Saints. What this means is that an artist has taken their images and creates a work of art to pornsanctify them.

30 Mar


There are journal entries here going back to February of 2005, so there is plenty of reading to tease and titillate. Alisssandra is a strong and wickedly witty woman and I think you’re going to enjoy her!

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