'Dykes' porn site reviews

With so many lesbian websites on the Internet, it can get a little tough finding the one that's right for you. Some feature adorable nubile babes, while others star sexy MILFs. Some chicks are very feminine with small breasts and others are more butch and busty. To help you in your search, check out these dyke porn site reviews. They'll tell you which Sapphic babes love going down on each other's pussies in a sexy 69, as well as if the chicks found there have natural knockers or fake tits. Watching a naughty schoolgirl sucking on the big tits of her sexy teacher is always hot, but you'll need the help of these articles to figure out if you're looking at the best porn movies and nude photos available. Most importantly, they'll let you know if the lesbo adult website you're thinking of joining is worth your time and money.

19 Mar

Playtime Cuties

Written by: Monica When the composer of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun created that particular song, I can imagine him/her having seen chicks like these babes from Playtime Cuties, only they were a lot tamer. When you say playtime in this context, the only toys involved are usually phallic so I am sure you already […]

16 Jan

Lesbian Sport Videos

Written by: Monica You have to know that not everyone who goes to the gym is men, but there are women too but they like to keep it in private and do it themselves. Do you want to know why they want to keep this in private? It is because they like to do it […]

27 Dec

Gyno Lesbians

Written by: Monica If you think that the only reason why women go to their gynecologist is to have their pussies checked, then you might be missing something. Actually, you’re missing a lot of action and if you are the type of person who enjoys watching lesbo hotties get busy with their vaginas, then you […]

20 Dec

Lesbian Army

Written by: Monica The army is a very disciplined place to be and enrolling yourself there means you need to have a thick skin and you need to do whatever it takes to become a real solider. These courageous women definitely wants to help the country and they definitely one to win the wars, that’s […]

24 Nov

Young Lesbians Portal

Written by: Monica To be honest with you, I love everything about girls, but when I see porn and there are no guys around and it is only lesbo sex, I find it boring and lame. All they do is finger fuck their holes, lick their pussies, grab on their jugs and kiss endlessly. But […]

04 Nov

Euro Babes on Babes

Written by: Monica There is one kind of scene that will never fail to get me excited and I am sure a lot of men will agree with me. I absolutely enjoy watching two gorgeous women making out and if I get any luckier by seeing them go further than just make out, I can […]

04 Oct

She Made Us Lesbians

Written by: Monica Not every gay person can really trace down the time when he or she realizes that she wants to go intimate with a person from the same sex. But not these carpet munchers from She Made us Lesbians. The premise of this site is simple – two teens approach an older woman […]

28 Sep


Written by: Monica When it comes to a woman’s body, there are no experts out there better than the women themselves. So if there is someone who can truly give a woman the best orgasm of her life, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if a female can do it. Now with the aid of […]

20 Sep

Mommies Do Bunnies

Written by: Monica If you are a true blue Lesbian smut addict who appreciates to see both the younger and the older lezzies, then brace yourself for what you are about to witness in this site. You get to see an awesome scene of gorgeous cuties as they get into some sizzling carpet munching and […]

02 Jul

About Girls Love

Written by: Monica I may be what’s the other word for perverted? Oh yeah, sexually adventurous now but I grew up like a typical teen and like most teens during those days, hearing the phrase “About Girls Love’ would make me think that it is one of those Sweet Valley High books or some article […]

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