'Fetish' porn site reviews

Chicks wearing gas masks, sexy Mistresses forcing submissive males to endure anal sex from a strapon, whips and chains and booty spankings. These are but some of the many kinky movies and pics you'll find on the Internet, so to help you find your naughty fantasy, we've compiled a ton of fetish porn site reviews for you to read. Each of them promises to tell you if that sexy smoking chick is burning you with her subscription fees instead of her cigarette butt, if there's plenty of leather and latex to be found and if those medical nurses are spreading their pussies with speculums or if they are actually taking a rough fisting. The nylon bodysuits should be tight on the flesh, not on your wallet, so these reviews of fetish paysites help give you an idea as to whether or not you're getting your money's worth of sexy kink.

14 Mar

Latin Smokers

The first thing I noticed about the babes on Latin Smokers is that they’re smoking-hot. And I literally mean “smoking” as in these babes light up cigarettes while getting nasty. Don’t get me wrong, they still look sexy when they take off their bras to expose their beautiful boobs. And I love how their long, […]

03 Mar

Spanking Shame

One thing I’ve learned about French chicks is that no matter how hot they are, if they get out of line, a nice spanking should calm them down. The people at Spanking Shame apparently feel the same way. This site shows hot babes getting their butts battered and beaten for being naughty. Some gals get […]

03 Jan

Squirter Girls

Chicks who can squirt are rare gifts of nature. That’s why finding one of them is like a miracle. Imagine having an encounter with not just one, but dozens of these unique babes. Your head will be blown, for sure. And that’s exactly the kind of feeling you will get when you spend some time […]

20 Dec

Spank Christina

Some people just don’t learn from one mistake. Sometimes, it takes a repetition of punishments to make them learn. Christina from Spank Christina seems to be that kind of person. For some reason, she always screws up and does something that leads her into painful spanking. Whether she does these naughty things unintentionally or does […]

16 Dec

My Fetish

The thing is, each one of us has a sexual fixation to something whether we’d like to admit it or not. There’s always something that turns us on. Something that we fantasize about. I, personally, have more than one that I can name. Although for the sake of fairness to all niches I review, I’m […]

10 Dec

Mask’d Desire

Leia Down is a cosplay enthusiast who likes to dress up as different characters. There are times when you can catch her sporting a nurse costume or some sexy lingerie, but she looks her best whenever she’s wearing a mask. Not that I think she’s ugly. She is in fact very beautiful. But whenever she […]

02 Dec

Kinky Frenchies

If you have an amazing sex life and are thinking there must be something more to all of it than just the multiple orgasms, you’re right! Follow on the footsteps of Bianca and Jay, a real-life French couple whose sex life is so amazing they just have to make money out of it. They built […]

25 Nov

Lupus Spanking

Is it just me or is it really a little weird to name your site Lupus Spanking? But the name is something I can totally forgive considering that the site contains sizzling hot content. After all, I’m here for the spanking action and not for well though-out pornsite names. If you should know, Lupus doesn’t […]

18 Nov

Russian Discipline

It looks like discipline is so much different in Russia. After visiting the site Russian Discipline, I am totally convinced that if I do something bad in that country, hunky dudes will tear down my clothes, restrain me and give me a good ass spanking. I’m seriously trying to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of […]

11 Nov

SIT Spanking

Some babes are so bad they deserve nothing but a good butt spanking. If you’re interested in meeting ill-behaved chicks of this sort, you would want to give SIT Spanking a visit. This site will give you the eye-candy you need: hot chicks getting their asses spanked, paddled or whipped until the cheeks turn red […]

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