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Sometimes the adult entertainment industry just doesn't get it. It's not always just a matter of hardcore very softcore. Sometimes a woman does want to see a blowjob taking place, but she doesn't want to see deep throat sex and hear the guy talking dirty to the chick he's fucking. This is porn from the female perspective, where the emphasis is put on the aesthetics of sex and not the size of a monster cock or some Barbie babe's fake, big tits. These porn for women reviews are designed to help you find that special site that focuses on the sensuality of the porn community, as well as ones where the woman is in charge. There's plenty of CFNM and sites where the woman gets her own version of a happy ending, so reading these articles will tell you which ones are worth your time and money.

10 May

Spunk Party

Most of us don’t have second thoughts when we receive an invitation for a party. Who would turn down a night of dancing, drinking and meeting new people? But what if something else is involved, like cock-sucking competitions and a modified, kinkier version of truth or dare. I would probably hesitate, which is exactly why […]

15 Apr

Audio Orgasm

Written by: Gillian Audio Orgasm describes itself as “the sexually charged sound source for the aurally inclined female.” They’ve got easy to download mp3s of audio erotica, and several ways to enjoy it. There are free files to try, and a variety of types to download, including guided masturbation and personalized fantasies. Exclusive erotic stories […]

09 Nov

Rocco Siffredi

Oh. Oh my. Oh my Rocco! Rocco Siffredi, the “Italian Stallion,” is a noted porn star and director, known for his love of anal, controversial films, and dashing good looks. On the tour you can get a peek at all the movies and watch an amazing trailer, read all about Rocco and his career, and check out the Ask Rocco section. There is so much to do on the tour, I can’t wait to see what’s waiting inside!

20 Aug

For The Girls

The galleries area contains centerfolds, hunks, amateurs, couples, videos and streaming movies all for your viewing pleasure. These areas are full of handsome hunks showing off their chiseled bodies for you, in ways only the most daring can imagine. Along with the hunks there are couples getting it on for your pleasure along with videos and a ton of streaming movies all at your viewing disposal.

03 Jul

The Erotic Woman

The Erotic Woman is an online magazine boasting a high quality selection of female focused adult material. Enjoy the web’s finest and most diverse combination of erotica and porn, in a uniquely feminine and elegant environment.

20 Apr

Next Door Male

The models range in age and body type from young and thing to more mature and very muscular. The site focuses entirely on men being sexy, posing and stripping down, grabbing themselves and showing off, masturbating and having fun solo. I REALLY enjoyed this site!

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