'Hairy' porn site reviews

My definition of hirsute isn’t just a babe with long hair on her head. Instead, it means they people having sex on my computer screen have fur all over their body, especially at their armpits and crotches. Gals who go all-natural beneath the waist are always the hottest. That’s why they often refer to a guy’s monster cock as a bushwhacker. Read these hairy porn site reviews if you want find the hairiest guys and dolls on the Internet. That natural bush getting pounded by a thick dick from behind is hot, especially when there are photo galleries that have zoomed in images of the babe’s fuzzy, fuckable muff. A wet pussy is also nice to see when it comes in contact with a hairy nut sack, so these reviews help you figure out which has a bear of a man or if the wild and untamed crotch is the woman’s beaver.

21 Sep

Hairy Twatter

Some people definitely find a hairy pussy to be sexy. But the chicks on Hairy Twatter have decided to take things up a notch and grow enormous bushes on their crotches. That doesn’t stop their boy toys from getting on their knees and navigating their tongues through their jungle of hair, though. Some gals choose […]

05 Jul

Hairy Undies

If you’re a fan of looking at hairy pussies, well, I don’t blame you. After all, not all people prefer their pussies to be clean-shaven. Nothing beats seeing a hairy bush getting penetrated by a thick cock, though. If you don’t agree, look at the furry muffs on Hairy Undies and see if you don’t […]

18 Jun

Bushy Bushy

There’s just something about seeing a mound of hair on a pussy that makes your loins tingle. The chicks on Bushy Bushy have decided to go a while without shaving their muffs and the result is a display of furry private parts that you don’t want to miss. They suck cock, get fucked and moan […]

02 Jun

Bushy Bushy

Some people like the sight of a clean-shaven pussy. Others prefer to see mounds of hair surrounding that pink muff. Bushy Bushy is dedicated to the folks who prefer the latter – yup, those who aren’t afraid to see a little fuzz on a nice, tight pussy. These chicks love the sight of each other’s […]

17 May

Hairy Arms

When I first heard about a site called Hairy Arms, I thought it must be a metaphor for something. That probably some people think that hairy arms also mean bushy crotches. But it turns out people are really here for arm hair. Apparently, some folks think it’s sexy. Well, if the arms are attached to […]

19 Nov

We Are Hairy

Written by: Saffy The first smut I watched was during the early 90s where the pornstars were still in their hirsute glory. I never had a problem with them then, and I guess I still don’t mind their thick bush up until now. In fact, I do miss those foxy goddesses with their gloriously hairy […]

02 Aug

The Hairy Site

This isn’t just one of the hairy sites, this is The Hairy Site – your one place stop in the online hairy world.

31 May

Hippie Goddess

Women with hairy armpits and legs, dreadlocks and barefeet, and fabulous natural bodies. Forget silicone and faces masked in makeup!

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