'Weird' porn site reviews

Some kinds of smut simply can’t be categorized because it’s just so out there and apart from mainstream hardcore and fetish niches. These weird porn site reviews take those alternative kinks and desires and put them together so you can see just how erotically bizarre the porno community can get. Not that there’s anything wrong with these far from ordinary sex positions and fantasies. After all, who wouldn’t get turned on by seeing surreal sex machines drill, fuck and stretch a pornstar’s pussy wide open? See that banana over there? Well not for long, because this chick wants to masturbate with it while thrusting a baseball bat up her ass. Come and see what’s truly wild and out there, like that chocolate-covered cutie who’s about to get fucked by a monster or some zombie’s giant cock. If you can think of something sexually odd, you can find it here.

06 Jun

Wierd Japan

Looking for an alternative to your usual dose of everyday porn? Check out Wierd Japan. This site holds an eclectic mix of videos showing what some Japanese babes are willing to do to satisfy horny fans with a quirky taste when it comes to porn movies. This site offers a unique and exceptional selection— from […]

03 May

Peeing Games

Written by: Monica It is quite erotic to see the most beautiful babes with the hottest body do the dirtiest deeds you can imagine. While others are content in getting their faces covered with spunk, others enjoy the warmth of fresh piss blasting away as they caress their bodies in pure ecstasy. There is no […]

19 Oct

Sleep Surprise

Written by: Monica I can make a great night guard because I am a light sleeper so I really can’t imagine how you could take off a chick’s clothes, touch her private parts, fuck her mouth and her pussy and not manage to wake her up. If only every woman sleeps that way, there would […]

28 Dec

Buck Angel

There’s no one quite like Buck Angel – but lucky for us, he’s the sharing type. Lots of muscles, tattoos, sexy bald head, and a hot little pussy. That’s right, Buck is the first ever Female-to-Male transsexual porn star! He’s gorgeous is every way, and on the tour for his exclusive site you’ll find lots of pics and a sample video. Buck likes his cigars and he likes his men… and his women! And I think you’ll like what you see at his site – I know I do.

26 Oct

Sinful Goddesses

Sinful Goddesses is new, different, and very exciting. If you’re into fantasy, sci-fi, nymphs, Amazons, swords, goddesses, and photographs of gorgeous women, then you will be geeking right out as soon as you get a look at this realm. On the tour there are some amazing full size sample pics and video samples – all in full HD. It’s a world of fantasy, erotica, and art, and you don’t even have to own a wardrobe or a looking glass – it’s just one click away.

26 Nov


New, unique, emotionally charged, intense, artistic, sensual – all describe Crygasm. At Crygasm, you can see porn stars “moan, groan, cum and cry” from intense, all-consuming orgasms – in super hi-def! On the tour you can get a sample of the amazing videos inside, and see just how different this site promises to be. Did you bring your tissues?

25 Oct

Josito’s Will

You think you’ve seen it all? Not if you haven’t seen Josito’s Will – the first porn site about a “real handicapped from Spain!” Proof that you don’t need working legs to have a good time, Josito fucks girls from his wheelchair, and they have no problem working with what’s available – which looks to be plenty! On the tour they’ve got some hot sample layouts and great pics. The girls are gorgeous and the high resolution video advertised guarantees a great time! Let’s go see if this site stands up to the test.

04 Oct

Mikey & Mandy’s Most Original Porn Emporium

There are so very many words you could use to describe Mikey and Mandy’s Most Original Porn Emporium – the ones they use include classy, sassy, smutty, and smart. The ones I would use? The perfect site for people who love porn. For singles, couples, men, women, and everyone in between. Right off the bat you know you’re in for a unique experience here – let’s go explore.

09 Jan

Sports Picks and Porn

Fan of one stop shopping? You can “beat your bookie and check out some nookie” at Sports Picks and Porn. The tour features a fun football theme complete with Sunday count down clock, but the emphasis is definitely on the porn.

01 Dec

Mandy is Kinky

This site is a world apart from the Dr. Demento – grade cheesy props and bad costumes you so often find with this type of porn. On Mandy Is Kinky they take it seriously, with fantastic make-up, fabulous and elaborate costumes, amazing sets, and a variety of well-executed special effects. For lovers of all things dark and a little scary, this site is one to bookmark and come to again and again.

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