'Reality' porn site reviews

That pizza delivery guy looks like he’s going to get a really great tip as soon as that schoolgirl finishes giving her teacher a blowjob in exchange for an A+ on her report card. You can find out whatever whacky scenarios people are having sex in by reading through these reality porn site reviews. Nothing’s hotter than coming across a random MILF on the street and getting her to go home with you, except maybe for seeing that teenager with the big tits agree to have her pussy fucked in the back of van in exchange for driving her to her destination. These reviews are helpful when it comes to figuring out if a sex paysite is updating regularly with lots of high-quality content, if the performers are smoking hot amateurs or pornstars and if the content seems like an everyday sex situation or if it’s clearly staged smut.

21 Feb

Dirty Coach

When you’re a handsome coach, you spend plenty of time around young hot babes who are exploring their sexuality. So it shouldn’t come as surprise when you find them pouncing on you, begging to suck your cock and get fucked. This is what happens on Dirty Coach. You’ll witness gorgeous chicks that end up getting […]

14 Jun

Nerd Pervert

Make a hot babe choose between a cute guy with surfboard abs and a nerd with taped-up glasses and you’d instantly know who she’ll go home with. It doesn’t take a genius to find out that any good looking chick only wants to be with equally good looking studs. But that’s exactly the opposite of […]

18 Feb

My Friends Hot Girl

Your friend brought home the gorgeous babe you’ve been fantasizing about in the party. You try your best to be supportive and happy for them but that would have been easier if she’s not deliberately making the first move. She’s the kind of chick who wouldn’t want to take no for an answer so you […]

16 Jan

Office Pink

You got to admit it; a sexy co-worker in stockings and glasses makes you thoughts naughtier. Who can resist getting pampered by these hot babes especially when they have their legs spread out on your desk, right? You don’t have to settle with just fantasies since Office Pink is a site that caters to your […]

25 Sep

Naughty Flipside

Good gals are boring. And although they’re the ones you want to take home and introduce to your mom, the bad girl on the flipside is always the one you want to invite to your bedroom. Naughty Flipside is what happens when your sweet, innocent-looking girlfriend decides to embrace her wild side. This site is […]

17 Sep

I Have A Wife

“I have a wife,” the Expecto Patronum for horny hotties who just can’t keep off married men. Unlike the Harry Potter spell however, this phrase does not work all the time. There will always be horny gals who won’t stop taking their clothes off in front of your hard rod even after finding out they’re […]

10 Sep

Naughty Athletics

Sports. There’s just something about it that stimulates sexual desires. It could be the adrenaline rush, the aggressiveness or the sweatiness of it all. It could be the sexy outfits or the idea that most athletic individuals are more flexible and capable of complicated positions. Whatever it is that attracts us towards athletes, you will […]

28 Aug

Fast Times At NAU

They say it’s best to study the field you’re most passionate about. And if fucking is your passion and you want to hone your skills or widen your knowledge about it, better enroll in Naughty America University. This pretend school offers the best sex education around. Fast Times At NAU shows hot co-eds who want […]

14 Aug

My Wifes Hot Friend

A lot of us value faithfulness in relationships and most of the time, even though we find ourselves sexually attracted to other people, we decide that the moral option is to resist the temptation and just turn our backs. I think this is why sites like My Wifes Hot Friend exist. So we can get […]

26 Jul

Dirty Doctor

There comes a time in every young gal’s life when she has to grow up, face her fears and go on a much-dreaded trip to the gynecologist. Whenever I think about my first gyno visit, I find it hard not to remember the horror and embarrassment. I sat there wearing nothing but an exam gown, […]

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