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02 Aug

Party Hardcore

Have you ever woke up hung over from the previous night’s non-stop partying, without any recollection of the past hours, but with a feeling you just did something you can’t possibly be proud of? Surely, the babes in Party Hardcore have. You’ll see these hotties drinking, dancing and getting it on with cute strangers. They’re […]

31 Jul

XXX Member Channels

Having access to hundreds of porn videos can be enough to get me giddy. Imagine what thousands of porn videos can do for me. I just found out after visiting XXX Member Channels. The site offers a huge collection of flicks. I’m not talking a couple thousands, not even 10 thousand. We’re looking at over […]

29 Jul

Wet And Pissy

Who could resist a dripping wet pussy? I know I for one cannot. But what if said pussy is dripping wet with piss? Will you still dive in without hesitation or will you pass? I’m sure not everyone will have the same answer, but if you have a pee fetish, you will definitely have fun […]

01 Jul

Taboo Tug Jobs

I’ve worked in the porn industry for years and I don’t think there has been a single time when the word “taboo” has ever been relevant. I mean, whatever Hollywood considers forbidden is normal in this business. So when I heard about a site called Taboo Tug Jobs, I got intrigued. What could be so […]

04 Jun

Gape My Pussy

Getting to know someone requires seeing beyond the surface. It may take opening entryways and stretching walls so you can peek into a deeper level. It’s not an easy endeavor, but I can tell you it is very rewarding. Relax, Monica’s Reviews did not just turn into a love and relationship advice blog. I just […]

01 Nov

Real Girls Gone Bad

A typical porn movie is based on a script and sometimes the lines just get a bit on the mainstream side. But if you’re looking for action that’s spontaneous and impromptu, Real Girls Gone Badis the site for you. These are partying babes willing to do anything just to win in wet t-shirt contests. They […]

17 Aug

Bang My Hand

Giving great handjobs is a no-nonsense task. It requires hard work, timing and precision and mastering it takes a lot of practice. Like they say, it ain’t called a job for nothing. Or was that quotation about blowjobs? In any case, the handjob is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Everyone who wants to […]

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