Genna and the Governor

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Genna had been working for a few months at the Governor Tod Flannery’s mansion as a secretary. She has only met the Governor once, but she was very impressed with him. He seemed to be a kind, caring man, strong, handsome, with a very demanding presence. Genna had to admit to herself that she found him attractive. But of course, since the Governor was married, there wasn’t much hope of her ever having a chance with him.

One evening, Genna had to stay late to take care of some paperwork that she hadn’t been able to finish during the day. Everyone else had gone home, except the 24-hour security force, and she felt quite lonely and even a bit nervous. She was just making the last changes to the final set of papers when she heard the door open. She looked up and before her stood Governor Flannery. She smiled.

“Good evening, Governor Flannery,” she said nervously.

“Good evening. Finishing up some late work?” he asked.

“Yes, sir. I’m just finishing up,” she replied.

“I’m sorry, my memory isn’t so good,” stated Governor Flannery. “What was your name again?”

“Genna Ryder,” she answered politely.

“Ah yes, Genna. What a lovely name,” he said, almost seductively. Or was Genna just fantasizing?

“Thank you, sir,” she smile shyly, blushing.

“Please, call me Todd,” he coaxed.

“Er, um, well… I don’t know if…” Genna stammered.

“It’s okay. A lot of people that work for me call me Todd. I think it keep the workplace more informal and enjoyable,” he said.

“Oh, okay… Todd,” she agreed.

Suddenly the Governor was behind her, massaging her shoulders. She closed her eyes and sighed as she felt his strong, large hands groping her tense, shuddering shoulders. She wanted him, and she wanted him badly.

He turned her swiveling office chair around to face him, and he knelt before her. He placed one large hand on her cheek and drew her face to him, kissing her. She returned his kiss with insane passion, entwining her tongue with his. She moaned softly into his lips as his hands slipped down and began to unbutton her blouse. He removed her shirt, and then her bra, and tossed them to the floor. His hands and lips began to explore her beautiful breasts and her stiff nipples.

“Oh, Todd…” she whispered, tugging gently at his hair.

He licked and sucked her nipples as his hands ran underneath her skirt and removed her panties. She lifted her buttocks to allow him to easily remove them and toss them aside. His head was instantly between her legs and his tongue found her wet slit, inching it’s way inside her and making her quiver. His tongue worked magic with her, snaking in and out of her slippery pussy and over her perky clit, and back down again. She began to grind her crotch against his face as waves or orgasm rushed over her.

“Oh god, yes! I’m cumming! Oh yes!!!!” she screamed.

He wiped his mouth with his sleeve and stood to his feet. He picked her up in one strong movement and sat down in the chair, sitting her in his lap. She kissed him, and he began to play with her pussy with his fingers. She felt his hard cock pressing against her butt and she reached down and unfastened his pants, pulling out his throbbing cock and stroking it.

“Fuck me, Genna,” he said. “Fuck me now!”

She turned to face him, straddling him in the chair and she mounted him. His big cock tore into her like a fiery sabre and she screamed. His was the biggest dick she had ever fucked, by far. But soon it began to feel good, incredibly good.

His strong hands played with her bouncing breasts as she rode him. Their moans and groans melded together as they fucked like wild horses, panting, groping, screaming, until together, they began to climax.

“Oh, god! Genna, I’m gonna fill your hot little pussy up with cum! Oh, shit, yeah! I’m cumming!” he screamed, pumping her full of load after load of hot cum as she climaxed to orgasm along with him.

“Oh, yes! I’m cumming, too! Fill me up!” she yelled loudly, not caring who heard her.

She collapsed in his lap and he held her, stroking her back, rubbing her shoulder and her hair, until finally Genna looked at the clock on her desk. It was very late. She needed to get home.

She thanked him for a wonderful evening, expecting that he would never want to see her again, but instead he offered her a job on the night security force. That way, he explained, she would be there for him every night, and he could have even more time to lick her precious pussy and taste her sweet cum. She agreed, and from then on, they fucked every night!

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