Hotel Slave

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She had rented them a hotel room for the weekend, a VIP suite on the executive floor with a large living area, a massive bedroom with kingsize bed, and a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub in the corner. As soon as they had arrived, she ordered him to remove his clothing and put it away for the duration of their stay. When his clothes were neatly folded away in the closet, she pulled a beautiful shiny black collar from her bag and fastened it around his neck.

“From this point forward, you are my slave and you shall behave accordingly. You will crawl on all fours unless you are told to walk, you will kneel at my feet at all times unless you are invited to join me on the bed, and you are never to speak to me unless you are told to. Do you understand me slave?” she asked.

His obedient reply was to drop to his knees before her and silently nod his head. She bent to kiss him on the lips as praise for his actions and then briskly walked through the suite to make sure it was to her standards. He crawled behind her, following her from one room to the next like a puppy.

“Slave, draw me a bath!” she commanded, and flounced off to the bedroom to wait. She could hear the water running for some time as the jacuzzi was quite large. He came and knelt at the end of the bed as a signal that the bath had been drawn. Before leaving the room, she rummaged in her bag and came out with a pair of large cuffs, meant to fit around a person’s thighs. She threw a smaller pair beside them, and these were intended to be worn on the wrists. After eyeballing various spanking implements she settled on a beautiful black flogger. It’s tails were whippy and thin, made of rubber and tipped with tiny plastic hearts. She smiled to herself and told the slave she expected him to be ready on her return. She disappeared into the bathroom for her bath.

The slave stood at the end of the bed now, and fastened the larger of the leather cuffs around the tops of his thighs. There were metal rings attached to them, and he made sure these pointed out from his body at the sides of his legs. With a minor amount of difficulty, he fitted each wrist with a black leather cuff that matched the pair on his thighs. Still at the end of the bed, he now bent at the waist, laying his upper body against the down comforter. The flogger lay within eyesight and anticipation made his cock grow hard.

He could hear his Mistress getting out of the tub and imagined her towelling off her body. He pictured her smooth pussy and felt his dick pulse. She was walking to the bedroom now and he began to tingle all over. Moving behind him, she took each wrist cuff and attached them to his thighs. He now stood at the end of the bed with his hands bound to the sides of his body, with his face pressed down on the bed. She admired his ass, stroking it gently, and told him what a good slave he had been while she bathed. She was pleased to find him ready for her as she reached around and squeezed his cock.

Taking the flogger, she teased him by running it down the length of his back and over the skin of his ass. Pulling back she gave him a few soft thumps, the tails whipping only enough to give him a soft spank. “You’ve been such a good boy, I’m going to give you your favorite type of spanking!” she exclaimed, and continued to gently warm his cheeks with soft thudding smacks.

Building up the sensation, she began to flog his cheeks and upper thighs harder, allowing the tails to lick at his skin sharply. His skin was beginning to blush and soft moans were escaping him. She enjoyed fulfilling his fantasies like this and felt her pussy grow warm. She spanked him a few last times, harder than the last strikes, and then put the flogger aside. Reaching around she tugged at his hardon, enjoying how much he had swelled with his excitement. With her other hand, she massaged his balls.

“I’m going to milk that delicious cock of yours slave, and I want you to cum for me!” she demanded. She stroked his shaft harder, squeezing tighter with her fingers and rubbing up over the head and back down all the way to his balls. She worked him expertly, knowing exactly how to inflict a most intense type of pleasure. His cock throbbed in her hands and his balls grew tight, drawing closer to his body.

“That’s a good slave, look at how hard you are!” she praised, and worked his cock expertly. His body stiffened and his cock swelled just before his cum burst forth into her waiting hand. She continued to milk him, forcing forth great spurts of cum.

“Now what do you say slave!?” she said in an edgy voice.

“Thank you Mistress!” he said gratefully.

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