Take Her From Behind

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She stood at the end of the bed, her long legs shoulder-width apart. Her six inch stilettos were a slutty red and she wore a black pair of fishnet stockings clipped in place with a red garter belt. He had insisted on no bra and panties tonight, and so the only other accessory was a pantent leather collar, the same color red as her shoes. There was a thick D-ring at the back so that he could fix a lead if he chose.

He stood at the door of the room and smiled to himself, seeing her exactly as he had asked her to be, standing at the end of the bed and all dolled up just for him. He loved the way her tallest pair of shoes shifted her weight and caused her ass to stick out just that much more. He let his eyes travel over her body, feasting on her curves, resting awhile at the spot where her thighs meet the cheeks of her butt, and then up her spine to her neck. He could see the side of her face, her hazel eyes gazing down obediently, her thick black hair pulled back into a ponytail.

He moved behind her now and kissed her neck, just behind her ear where he knew it would send shivers down her back. He breathed out slowly and then took her ear lobe between his lips and sucked playfully. He placed the palm of his hand between her shoulders and pushed slowly. He wanted her to lay her upper body down on the bed and she instantly obeyed. Now she stood with her breasts, shoulders, and cheek pressed into the bed, her ass up in the air and legs spread towards the corners of the bed.

He stroked her ass with both hands and knelt down, sewing kisses down the curve of one cheek. He used his hands to spread her butt slightly and placed a thirsty kiss on her pussy lips, right where her hole peeked out. She was getting wet already and this pleased him. He could feel his cock beginning to rise.

Standing again, he retrieved a pair of black velcro cuffs and fastened them on her ankles. Then running a short length of rope through the ring on the cuff, he tied that ankle to the leg of the bed. He did the same thing on the left, and now she stood with her legs spread wide. Her pussy parted slightly and he could see her glistening excitement slicked between her lips.

Rubbing her ass in both hands, he knelt down and thrust his tongue inside her. He heard a tiny gasp of breath and knew she was ready for a good fuck but continued to tease her, lapping up her juice. Running one hand between her legs he plucked at her clit, teasing it roughly while unzipping his pants. With two fingers firmly pressed against her hard little nub, he plunged his thumb inside of her and rubbed that sweet spot directly behind her clit. She moaned out loud now, visibly struggling to keep still. He knew she wanted to press her ass backwards so she could feel his hand deeper and harder.

Stroking his cock in one hand he rubbed the head along the crack of her ass and asked her “What does my baby want right now?” She moaned in response and tried to press herself back towards him. Her ass moved deliciously in the air and her pussy was open and ready, but he wanted to hear her say it. “TELL me what you want NOW!” he demanded and gave her ass a playful smack. While he rubbed his cock up and down along her slippery slit she asked him to fuck her. His cock throbbed in response and he took hold of her hips.

He pushed his cock against her hole and suddenly thurst himself deeply, splitting her open and feeling her fleshy tunnel clenching around his shaft. She let out a surprised moan that turned into an animalistic moan. He lingered there inside her, savouring her heat before pumping himself in and out. Her moans grew as he began to pick up speed. His cock swelled and he began to fuck her as hard as he could. Taking hold of her hips he pulled her towards him with each thrust, banging his balls against her. The sound of her growing pleasure caused him to pulse and he knew that he was about to cum.

Pulling out he held her ass cheeks spread with one hand and pumped his dick fast in the other. He felt himself cresting and soon sticky white spurts of cum were shooting out all over her asshole and pussy. He watched the gobs of his cum dripping down over her flesh and his body shook with ecstasy. Out of breath and completely content, he casually slid his fingers into her pussy and felt her tight wet hole. She was still horny and this made her moan and squirm.

Kneeling behind her he buried his face in her pussy, thrusting his tongue and making hard circles around her clit, he used one hand to fuck her with three fingers. He could feel her muscles growing tighter and she let out a loud sobbing moan. Her body began to quake and her thighs were tight against his face. He sucked hungrily at her clit until the waves had subsided. “That’s a good girl” he said as he gave her ass a spank.

Her pussy was always so hot and tight after she came, and the thought made his cock twitch. He was going to ride her again at least one more time tonight!

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